????The Beechgrove Garden 2021???? Season 43 Episode 23 Full

????The Beechgrove Garden 2021???? Season 43 Episode 23 Full
The Beechgrove team review some of the successes and failures of 2021’s growing season. Carole takes a look at her 6 x 8 greenhouse and checks whether her chilies are hot enough to handle. In Old Scone, Brian appraises the first year of his new no-dig vegetable plot, while in sunny Joppa, George assesses the successful and unsuccesses on his allotment. Meanwhile, Kirsty creates an on-trend and easy-to-replicate teapot terrarium. One of the most satisfying things is to successfully grow your own tomatoes, and we visit Camilla Fredricksen, who takes that to a whole new level as she grows some 200 varieties of tomatoes in her produce-packed garden in Aberlour. It’s show day for Calum as we attend Beechgrove’s very own private veg show, set up in homegrown style in his grandparents’ back garden in Leven, and Lucy Dalgleish provides one final update from her balcony garden in Maryhill, where we discover the success of her growing projects.
Vegetable garden
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