7 Veggies That Will Feed Your Family | gardening for self sufficiency

If you're wanting to maximize your food security and be intentional about your garden this year, these are 7 easy to grow vegetables that have large harvests to preserve for feeding your family.

I've always been a DIYer and loved doing things for myself, but over the past couple of years I've gotten super passionate about self-sufficiency and working toward less reliance on the fragile and fickle system. We've seen how easily the delicate balance of the supply chain can be destroyed and the fear of not having what you need to survive.

Let's work to get back to having much of what you need right in your own backyard!

00:00 Welcome
Green Beans
04:00 Summer Peas
04:39 Zucchini & Summer Squash
06:00 Potatoes
07:45 Winter Squash & Pumpkins
08:51 Okra
10:01 Tomatoes
11:19 Bonus: Garlic
13:07 The Caveat

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