ADLEY & NiKO ???? PLANT A GARDEN ???? FLOWERS ???? FRUiTS and VEGGiES ???? Family and Kids gardening

but NO BIG FLOWERS cuz we don't want ????'s to STING US! - Niko Bear

LET'S BE FRIENDS -- https://goo.gl/a7ctjJ

HEY EVERYBODY!! Today we are making a GARDEN at PiRATE iSLAND ???? First things first, we need to get our new baby plants, so we went to the plant store to buy some! When we got there we realized that we were going to need some garden supplies too, like shovels, gloves, a guitar, and a watering can! Then we picked out all the plants that we wanted to grow on pirate island. We chose a lot of pretty flowers, and lots of yummy fruits and vegetables to grow! We even found a a flower called a Snap Dragon that talks when you squeeze it. We decided to plant all of the flowers in Fairy Forest to make it pretty for the Adley and Mom fairies ???? We planted some watermelon plants , and pumpkin plants in a different root beer bomb.. oh yeah.. i forgot to mention that we are planting ALL of the flowers in root beer barrels! Now that all our flowers are planted we wait for them to grow up!

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