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Koi or more specifically Jinli or Nishikigoi, are colored varieties of the Amur carp that are kept for decorative purposes in outdoor koi ponds or water gardens. Koi is an informal group name of the colored variants of C. Rubrofuscus - Several varieties are recognized by the Japanese.

How much does a koi fish cost?
It is also true that certain varieties of koi are more expensive than others. A high-quality 6-inch (a white fish with large red patches) may cost $3000. A high-quality oghon (basically a golden, metallic-colored fish) of the same size may cost $100.

Why is Koi so expensive?
Good #koi are expensive because it is a lot of chance and great selective breeding, they usually spawn once a year and the odds of getting a lot of great animals is very low. They are expensive to keep because of water use, electricity, high-quality food, and labor.

Why are koi fish so special?
In most Japanese cultures, koi represent a material and spiritual abundance or advancement. ... Feng shui, a spiritual form of organization and placement of objects, says that having the spirit of the koi near you will attract good luck, fortune, and spiritual benefits.

Are koi fish good to eat?
Yes, you can eat Koi #fish. Although the places that sell Koi fish sell it at hefty prices and many people, regard Koi fish as #pets. It is good to know that some Koi fish bred in a pond are fed chemical that is not good for your health.

Koi in culture
The koi is symbolic in Japanese culture and is closely associated with the country's national identity. The koi is a symbol of luck, prosperity, and good fortune in Japan.

In Sri Lanka, interior courtyards most often have one or several fish ponds dedicated to koi. Sri Lanka is the sixth-largest cultivator of ornamental fish in the world after Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

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