An Urban Gardener’s Five Steps to Start a Vegetable Garden at Home

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There are a lot of benefits to having a vegetable garden at home, like fresh food at an affordable price. But how do you get started if you have no gardening experience? Urban gardener Robbin Clemmons offers five basic steps for how to start a vegetable garden at home without spending a lot of money up front.

Clemmons is a volunteer Gardener in Residence at the non-profit Daystar Life Center in St. Petersburg, Florida. The center is located in a food desert where people lack access to affordable healthy food. Clemmons and a group of volunteers created a 650-square-foot garden of raised beds at the center. They harvest about 30 pounds of produce each week that is distributed by the center’s food pantry.

In this video, Clemmons explains these five easy-to-follow steps:
1. Find a sunny location
2. Pick a type of garden bed
3. Get quality soil
4. Use quality seeds
5. Know your growing seasons

The costs of getting started can add up. Soil, compost and wood will be your most expensive things to buy; seed prices begin at less than $2 per packet. Budget-conscious gardeners can save money by using reclaimed wood for the garden bed and going to places that give away mulch. You can also keep your soil fertile using free things like homemade compost and manure from local horse farms.

With a little sweat equity, pretty much anyone can start a garden at home.

“If we can do it,” Clemmons said. “So can you.”
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