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Friends, today I am on my terrace to give a fertilizer as well as a pesticide to my plants. Here in this plastic pot, I have banana peels fertilizer ready. As I have already told you in one of my previous videos that banana peels are very rich in pottasium and have other nutrients too like phosphorus, iron, zinc, vitamin c and vitamin e. After nitrogen our plants need pottasium and when we are doing organic gardening in a natural way, banana peels fertilizer helps in making our plants healthy. I sieved it using a sieve with big holes first so that it's easy for me to sieve it. And now I'll sieve it through a sieve with thin holes as it'll leave the liquid without even slightest lump.
I did this so that the holes of the nozzle of the water can do not block when I'm using it to give this fertilizer to my plants as I do not want to water the soil but wish to bathe the leaves too with it.
I want to bathe the leaves too with it as I am adding two spoons of turmeric powder too in it. This will wrk as a pesticide.
This is the onset of winters and when our winter vegetable plants start growing, different kinds of pests try to attack them.
Turmeric is anti bacterial in nature and it helps to fight the harmful effects of bacteria and fungus. Turmeric also works as an antiseptic i.e. it prevents the growth of disease causing microorganisms and save the plants from pests.
I give this banana peels fertilizer to my plants twice a month. So I thought it good to add some turmeric too in it to save my plants from pests too. So in a way I'll give two treatments to my plants with one liquid.
In very near future, I'm going to make a video on an effective fertilizer and pesticide which busy people can make for their plants very easily.
Then I'll give this fertilizer cum pesticide to my plants lavishly, wash the leaves too by moving my hands too under them as pests settle down under the leaves most of the times. THis will keep your vegetables as well as flowering plants healthy and disease free.
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