Bashgram।। বাঁশ গ্রামের সম্পূর্ণ অভিজ্ঞতা।। Bash Gram Resort।।

The city of Agartala is blessed with some fascinating sights. Watching the sunset in Durgabari tea garden, walking in the forest of Sepahijla forest, watching the whistle of an unknown Bangladeshi train away from Kamalasagar while sipping hot tea, these are amazing experiences for me.
The name of such a place is Bashgram. It is located at Katlamara in Simna, about 58 km from Agartala town, through tea gardens and rubber forests. This dense bamboo garden is lost as you walk along the horizon of the tea garden. Sometimes the humming of birds hiding on the tip of the bamboo. Rows and rows of laughter fluttering wings in the water. Nature seems to want to speak here in its own right.
Mr. Manna Roy, an enterprising young man from Katlamara, has turned into a dream come true for the tourists of the state. On December 9, 2017, the resort was inaugurated by Mr. SK Panda, Chairman, Tripura Skill Development Commission.
Although the entrance did not look very promising, there was a master plan for the development of Bash village on either side of the entrance. We were fascinated by the beauty of nature as soon as we entered with a ticket of 100 rupees per head.
They have a beautiful living room, an auditorium, a small tree house, a beautiful hut with a garden. There is even a small pond and seating area between them. Walkways are made of bamboo and they give light in the evening.

The traditional touch that blends with our passion, the bamboo and bamboo craftsmanship and the modern design that makes this place one of the 'Sights of Tripura'.
I don’t want to comment on their food, because I haven’t seen too many options. There may be special meals such as large meals, house meals, vegetables. We just tasted chicken noodles which are very tasty and relatively cheap. In addition to our food items they provided us with free tea and cold water bottles. I found out that this resort has overnight accommodation.

After the meal we headed to the bamboo craft shop where we saw beautiful bamboo toys, bamboo frames of gods and goddesses, different types of bamboo bags, bamboo peacocks, bamboo women's ornaments etc.

There is no doubt that the place is promising and construction work is still going on. I wish them all the best and hope that they will retain their uniqueness and improve their decor over time.
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