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Marabedda Gardens Resort is the most spectacular romantic getaway that Sri Lanka can offer. Located in Dimbulkumbura which is within an hour drive from Kandy. Worried by the distance! Most part of the drive includes scenery that will only going to make anyone comeback. This small village with a population of close to 300 is surrounded by lavish greenery, paddy fields,vegetable fields, water streams, spectacle mountains and many more.

This resort is built on top of a rock within a land of 15 acres. It consists 19 rooms, 2 suites, A pool with an infinity view, an outdoor dining area and most importantly it has everything that anyone would expect from a perfect getaway. This colonial architecture inspired resort offers breathtaking views on places such as Piduruthagala, Maha Kudugala, Namunukula, Yahangala,Knuckles mountain range, Victoria Dam and the list goes on. Guaranteed to change your perception on scenic places and spectacular getaways does not get any better, not within Sri Lanka.

Already excited! Well there is more, Marabedda Gardens Resort has close access to locations such as Loolkandura (1 st tea estate in Sri Lanka) within a distance 20km, Nuwara Eliya within 49km, Lamasooriya within 15km, Randenigala Dam within 44km, Mandaram Nuwara within 33km and Victoria Dam within 17km. All of these places are well known locations among the tourists and local community for its history and serenity. We also have Diyathalagala mountain within hiking distance. This mountain has an elevation of more than 5000ft and consists a natural forest with endemic birds and a lake (Wilpassa Lake).

Come visit my country and experience the true serenity of our beautiful island.

Corporate Office : (+94) 081 205 11 17
Reservations : (+94) 081 205 11 77 / (+94) 077 760 2555
EMAIL : [email protected]
Operating Hours
Mon - Fri - 7am to 10pm
Sat - 7am to 10pm
Sun - 7am to 10pm
Public Holidays - 7am to 10pm
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