Brian Laundrie SIGHTING: HAND in garden bed drone footage? Possible bunker?

After a photo of Brian Laundrie's father pointing at a drone above his house went viral, internet sleuths went to work, zooming into the picture and picking apart the tiniest details in the snap. That is when some of them noticed what looked like a white-colored pit in their backyard, leading some people to believe that deceased vlogger Gabby Petito's boyfriend, who has been missing and named the person of interest in the case, might be hiding in his own home.The Laundrie house has been under scrutiny ever since their son went missing after Gabby Petito's body was found and the death was ruled a homicide. The photo widely shared on Twitter showed Christopher 'Chris' Laundrie as well as his wife Roberta Laundrie, who are the residents of Wabasso Avenue in North Port, Florida, outside their house. The 62-year-old was seen pointing towards the sky while Brian’s mother faced him.Do Brian Laundrie's parents have a bunker in their backyard?

Brian and Petito had been on a cross-country trip in a converted van that began in July. But on September 1, Brian returned alone to his Florida home while driving the van. At the time, he did not tell anyone about the 22-year-old woman’s whereabouts. Even after Petito was reported missing by her family on September 11, he did not talk to the authorities, and a day before he was named the person of interest in the case, he went missing.A number of users shared blown-up pictures of the backyard, where a square-shaped pit was noticed. Twitter user @tubecrime_ shared an array of zoomed-in pictures of the pit, asking, "Anyone know wtf this is? My imagination is running wild. Fire Pit? Well? Pump? Weather/Bomb Shelter? #BrianLaundrie #gabbypetito."
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