Creating a cottage garden, painting our 237 year old house by hand, potager updates, plus drone

A dry day in late spring means another day of painting our house's exterior. I work on the tomatoes in the potager or kitchen vegetable garden and do a bit of maintenance in the cottage garden. It's some real talk about the tree situation and a bit of fun drone footage.

Garden Zone 6b, New England
House Built in 1785
00:00 Ladder Time
00:56 Painting Update
01:43 Tomato Trimming
04:18 More Garden Maintenance
06:05 About Those Trees
07:27 Ramble About the Future
08:12 Story Time!
09:25 Images From the Garden
10:28 Drone Footage
Thank you for stopping by our little old-world post colonial farmhouse here in New England. It's our little Cozy Connecticut Cottage, Historical Homestead, or "the Manse" (our in-progress hoity-toity fancy-pants mansion that's still far from both hoity and toity.). It all depends on who you are asking.


We moved into our historic New England post colonial home in 2018, and every year we improve both the house and the land a little bit more. We do the majority of the work ourselves, in and around our normal busy lives and full time occupations. We are not building professionals- this is not a series of how-to but rather a series of how we are doing it.

The original house, barns, and coaching inn were built in 1785 by direct descendants of Samuel Allen of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. It sat on several hundred acres of land originally inhabited by the Podunk people.

Today, only the farmhouse and attached inn remain and the land has been reduced to just under 2 acres. We are trying to take the house back into a working farmhouse, renovating and restoring what we can. We hope to see it as it was originally intended: a homestead with kitchen gardens as well as pleasure gardens filled with native species. It is no chateau, nor it is a stately manor home, but it is our Post- Colonial / Georgian / American Federal historic house and we are smitten with it.

I hold a part 107/UAS Pilot License. Any and all drone footage is/was compliant with current regulations at time of filming, editing, and uploading this video.
Vegetable garden
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