Drought Tolerant Garden Update: January 2022

As usual I a way behind in editing and posting this video. Created in early January, this is how the garden was looking after some down time as well as winter showers.

My drought tolerant garden of Agaves, Aloes, Aeoniums, Euphorbias and other succulent plants is finally beginning to settle into the yard, and everything is coming out of dormancy. Some December rains added to the weeds, as well as a lot of volunteers.

I've also added a full tour of the entire yard, including my hillside native California plants, which are finally beginning to fill out after about six months in the ground.

Almost all of these plants were sourced for free, either as cuttings from friends, family or neighbors, or found on the roadside or on trading marketplace sites.

This ever changing garden will show what a huge difference in six months can make, as well as what seasonal changes gardens go through, even in the mild climates of Southern and Central Coastal California.

A Spring update will hopefully come sooner than this video!
If you have any questions about the plants, the yard or general garden chat I'd love to hear from you.

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