Epsom Salts, Banana Peels & Other Magic Fairy Dust for the Garden

Should you use Epsom salts for your garden plants? How about banana peels, rusty nails, egg shells, vinegar, raw fish, coffee grounds, biochar, aerated tea - do the magical-sounding claims around these garden amendments make any sense at all? In my view, beginning gardeners are often misled into focusing on a "miracle cure" rather than basic proven horticultural techniques. I don't like to play the debunker, but here are a couple of Youtubers who are pretty good at it:

Robert Pavlis (Garden Myths): https://www.youtube.com/c/Gardenfundamentals1

Ashley from the Gardening in Canada Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/NorthernPlanterFortheloveofplants

Oh and here's that link to the NPK's of various organic amendments: http://www.lundproduce.com/N-P-K-Value-of-Everything.html I don't see references, so take with a grain of Epsom salt

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