First VINEYARD on STEEP SLOPE? ????⛰️ FENDT VINEYARD TRACTOR in action! ???????????? | [FS22] - Time

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in today's FS22 timelapse the time of cutting trees is over and we bring our Massey Ferguson 4708M from the forest back to our farm. We are in March and temperatures are rising steadily. In the afternoon we also get our Steyr 8150 Turbo from the workshop and pay a whopping €5,745 for the major inspection and some spare parts. Back on our farm, we attach a Rabe cultivator and immediately head down into the valley. Here we cultivate our oil radish, which serves as green fertilizer. Since we don't have much time, farm manager Lisa takes over the further field work after a short time. Meanwhile we head to our field on the slope. Today is the big day because today we finally plant our vineyard. In order to finance this project, we are temporarily increasing our loan to €110,000. After all the vines have been planted on the steep slope, we use the carpentry's MF 3120 to transport solid manure to our new vineyard and store it there temporarily. Then we take a break at our house. A few days later we are in April and our vines have already grown a bit. Unfortunately, the grass between the vines has also grown and must be mulched off immediately. For this work, farm manager Lisa borrowed a Fendt 209V Vario and a narrow TMC Cancela flail mower from the local contractor in the morning. After a short briefing, we immediately get to work with the small vineyard tractor. A wonderfully sunny in our own vineyard awaits us.

enjoy the video :)

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