Garden and backyard Ideas: outdoor living room (patio)! 48 examples for inspiration!

Garden and backyard Ideas: outdoor living room (patio)! 48 examples for inspiration!

An open-air living room in the shade of plants is a cozy corner on the site, where it is pleasant to retire from the bustle of the street, enjoying unity with nature or communication in a pleasant company. With the help of such an element of landscape design as a patio in the country, you can equip a kind of patio on your site, in which it is pleasant to spend time, devoting it to your favorite activities or recreation.
The original form of this recreational area, which became widespread in the times of the Roman Empire, was a platform enclosed by high walls of the house. The modern version of the patio, patio as a protective structure involves the use of green hedges, screens and fences. When deciding to equip a patio on your site with your own hands, it is important, first of all, to correctly choose a place for placing this recreation area.
Traditionally, the patio area is given a platform at the back wall of the house. It is very convenient for relaxation when an additional exit is provided in the wall of the house adjacent to the patio, so as not to go around the building once again, heading to the kitchen for your favorite treat, or at any time to hide from the rain.
You can choose a place under the patio in a cozy shady corner of the garden, where noise and curious looks from the street do not penetrate. With the help of mobile screens and trellises, as well as stationary fences and trellises entwined with flowering climbing plants, you can even create an atmosphere of security on the outdoor patio in the garden.
The shape and size of the site will depend on its purpose: for the arrangement of a "paradise", an area of ​​​​2-3 square meters is enough. meters, a company of 3-4 people will comfortably accommodate on a patio of 4 square meters. meters.
Since the patio is a paved area, it is desirable to use a dense coating as the base. A more chic design of the site can be obtained using natural stone slabs. An equally strong foundation can be obtained using paving slabs. Garden parquet, created on the basis of a combination of wood waste and polymers, has excellent performance characteristics and, unlike natural wood, does not rot.

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