Garden Structure – How to Make Your Garden Earn it’s Keep at the Bleakest Times of Year

Bunny gives a quick tour of her garden when it is looking at its most forlorn.

She has been working away on other people’s gardens, so it has been neglected, paths not swept, weeds germinating in the recent heavy rain, no dead heading and titivating for the camera has taken place!

This video emphasises the importance of structure in a garden: hedges, trees, topiary, piers and evergreens and highlights ways to incorporate them.

Bunny also runs through her list of winter jobs (cutting hazel, dead heading, planting bulbs, removing stakes from her pleached trees, repairing blown stonework, mulching, sowing yellow rattle and much more) and highlights the importance of keeping the soil covered with plants especially in the vegetable garden to help prevent nutrients leaching and the soil structure breaking down. The annual Pictorial meadow mix is still flowering well though.

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