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Glass plant idea
Glass plants are a great way to add a splash of green to any home. They make lovely gifts for friends and family, and can be displayed with pride. Plants are always a great idea for your home, but you might not know that there are some plants that can double as your windowsill! Check out this amazing video on how to add plants and natural décor to any room with the help of a few glass plant containers. Nowadays, plants are becoming a forgotten beauty item in homes. This is because of their size and the time it takes to care for them. But I have an amazing solution that you can use to make your home stunning.

DIY Beautiful Idea with glass bottle garden
It is all about the beautiful idea. Glass bottle garden, one of the creative ideas of using old and left-over glass bottles to create an outdoor garden by making a hanging planter, is not only time-saving but also easy to make.

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The best low maintenance indoor plants include the snake plant, Pathos, money tree, air plant, philodendron and monstera. These resilient indoor plants make excellent picks for beginners and people who travel or are away from home regularly.

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