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Here I will talk about succulent plants and how to grow and take proper care for it during the summer, winter and rainy season especially using the tips and tricks I provide. I will also tell you how to help the plant grow faster and healthier, how we can easily propagate & repot plant at home and grow it from leafs and small pubs appearing from sides of the mother plant in soil and in water too. This is the best indoor and outdoor plant with beautiful rich colored, evergreen, thick and flashy leaves. Very fast growing, and hardy, easy to grow, care and manage ornamental house plant with Complete information Guide about sunlight, watering, fertilizer and how we can keep its leaves variegated, large size, as well as how we can protect its leaves from turning brown, drying and prevent black spots on them.
Here I will show you my plants which are beautifully landscaped with small and big stones. This plant is a resilient succulent with amazing architecture. Because it is an air purifying plant, it is a must-need plant for everyday living spaces, whether they are living rooms, bedrooms or offices.
It is an outdoor, sun and shade-loving flowering plant, and will also survive in low water conditions making it low maintenance and easy to grow. it grows in tropical/subtropical areas, and is known for its medicinal needs and health benefits, Drought tolerant, cactus-like plant best for dry environment and hot weather conditions. Lots of species found, aloevera plant is also known as aloe barbadensis. Happy fresh gardening!

On this channel, I will give you a garden tour, showcasing all of my plants. These will include flowering plants, shade-loving plants, sun-loving plants, succulents, and my aloe vera plant collection. Some of them are beginner plants which are very easy to grow, low care and low maintenance plant. Here, you will get easy tips and tricks to make your garden lush and green with beautiful, healthy flowers and fruits.

You can also see my kitchen garden with very easy-to-grow vegetables and seasonal plants. These can be easily grown from everyday vegetables from your kitchen like coriander (hara dhania), mint (podina), spring onion, garlic, potato, chilis, eggplant, loki, kerela, bell pepper, etc.

In this channel, we will talk about how to care for and grow plants in combination with other plants, and tell you how to care for the plant as well as how to grow it from cuttings and which plants looks more beautiful and survive in mixed pots. The complete guide will be given for their proper care with cheap cost ideas on how to garden successfully. Along with this, I will also show you my vertical garden on the wall and pillars for smaller gardens. I made this in very cheap prices and within budget and home made resources. You can easily use small pots and any pots that are lying around the house. Methods and directions to make this vertical garden are given on the channel. Watering is a big problem in these vertical gardens so a solution will also be provided. Plants used are moss rose, baby sun rose, rhoeo, boat lily and other very hard to die plants which are very low care and low maintenance as well. Dewaar pe garden kase banatay hain, and how to keep plants on them fresh , in urdu , hindi with english subtitles.

In this channel, I will show you the landscaping done in my garden and the techniques to landscape. All of the plants in this area were initially single buds and have now fully grown to look the way they are now in low cost methods.


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