How to create a plan for year-round harvests

We are finally getting started on planning our vegetable and flower gardens for next year using my garden planner to map out my succession planting plan. I'm trying out the paid-for garden planner app from Growveg and I've created my own google spreadsheet and I've been using both to see which I prefer and of course, I'll show you guys. There is a lot of thought involved in designing a successful and productive garden and as it's my first year trying to properly fulfil succession planting, I'm taking no chances and planning everything out from my raised beds to my flower beds to the greenhouse.
There are going to be some difficult decisions on what to keep and what to cut, but Kate is helping me make those tough decisions and some of them might surprise you.

So join us and we'll talk you through our thoughts and my plans and there is a link below to my FREE garden planning spreadsheet if you want to have a try (PLEASE REMEMBER TO SAVE A COPY TO YOUR OWN DRIVE & NOT EDIT THIS ONE).

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Vegetable garden
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