How To Make The Perfect Frittata | Home Movies with Alison Roman

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If the words ‘kale’ and ‘frittata’ aren’t exciting to you, that’s only because you haven’t made THIS charred kale frittata! This frittata is wonderful, but this episode is more about opening your minds and hearts to everything a frittata has to offer. To further sell you, we have the delightful human, brilliant writer and frittata connoisseur Samantha Irby join us to talk about her iconic garbage frittatas, plus, the do’s and don’t’s of frittata-making.


0:00 Tomato, tomato, but both would be good in a Frittata
0:14 Intro to Home Movies with Alison Roman
0:24 Overview of Charred Kale Frittata
1:54 Sam, the most enthusiastic frittata person I know
6:55 Special thanks to Grey Poupon
8:26 Preparing the kale and onions/shallots
9:57 Frying the onions, kale stems, and kale leafs (while preparing the eggs and yogurt sauce)
13:09 Charring the second batch of kale
13:39 Preparing the lettuce greens salad mix
13:58 Adding the eggs to the skillet and finishing in the oven
14:58 Flipping the frittata in the skillet to finish
16:06 Plating the frittata, greens, and yogurt sauce

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