How to Prevent Pests When Cannabis is Almost Flowering

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ visits Master Cannabis Grower TD for the 6th visit this season cannabis grow to see and learn how each of the genetics is growing this season. You will learn how he prevents a pest outbreak and takes care of his plants when they are almost flowering. You will get an update on the 5 different genetics that TD is growing this year in his outdoor California home garden. Finally, John will interview TD and you can learn more about this growing season, as well as the pest prevention techniques he is using this season.

In this episode, you get the sixth update for TD's season 2 to grow and learn how TD can grow 10+ pounds of cannabis flower off one plant by SCOGing his plants and feeding them the nutrients and fertilizers they need to grow fast and make tons of flowers and much, much more.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
00:00 Episode Starts
01:00 What is TD doing these days to his grow
01:45 Tour TD's plants with updates
02:10 Vanilla Cream Pie in 6-Foot Hole
04:20 The New
06:30 White Runtz
08:58 Glookies
10;:05 How to Grow a big girthy trunk
12:12 Stoopid Fruits is pretty stupid
13:36 Best Cannabis Variety to grow in the Heat or Extreme Weather
16:36 Vanilla Cream Pie in 9-foot hole
17:57 Phenotypes in Cannabis
21:24 Preventative Organic Bug/Pest Spray
23:28 Interview with TD
23:40 Why do you twist your plants
26:36 When do you stop pinching your plants
27:10 What happens if you keep pinching
27:38 Since they are flowering are you changing your feeding?
28:38 What will you do if your brix is too high or low?
30:20 When do you stop tieing down your plants?
31:10 Inspect your plants every day
31:20 Stick Traps on Soil to prevent bugs
32:43 Do you Ph test your soil?
35:35 Which plant would you grow again?
36:40 Done with all nutrients
37:13 Did you put out any beneficial insects this year?
37:38 When would you put of beneficial insects
38:30 Feeding milk to cannabis plants
41:12 How do you grow more dense flowers?

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