Huge Shore Living Dollar Tree Haul, Shopping Saturday

This video is about Huge Shore Living Dollar Tree Haul, Shopping Saturday
The Shore Living Line is here!
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The “Effingham” Foodie Friday video! https://youtu.be/ncQYfvWUTQw.
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My channel is ALL DollarTree and only Dollar Tree! No need to run to different stores!
My hauls are larger then any other channel. Humongous, outrageous, gigantic hauls!
I upload at least 4 times a week. I use only Dollar Tree items. You can one stop shop for the crafts, upscales and DIYs!
“Totally Easy Tuesdays”, crafting so easy even the non-crafters can do them!
“Wild Wednesdays”, where you never know what kind of Dollar Tree video you will get! Wild Wednesdays are not every week!
“Themed Thursdays” is DIYs with a theme. Still fairly easy crafts and all supplies come from the Dollar Tree!
“Foodie Friday’s” are now “The Beannies and robes Show” are all about Dollar Tree food reviews. Let’s do some taste testing, comparisons, price bargains and cooking!
“Shopping Saturday’s” are Dollar Tree Hauls that show you the treasures, price comparisons, gift ideas and diy inspirations.
My moto is, “A dollar and a quarter people”!

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Totally easy Tuesday https://youtu.be/cuYJy26kMBg
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Foodie Friday https://youtu.be/UXj06-Lvq_s
Shopping Saturday’s https://youtu.be/OsDim2xEd-o
Bonus Haul https://youtu.be/bGsjK53yolM
I encourage all of you to use your imagination and hopefully be inspired to create by watching my videos. Thanks for watching!
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