Lessons From The Sower And The Soils | Sermon

Nearly 1/3 of the teachings of Jesus found in the gospels are parables. As we combine the parables found primarily in Matthew, Mark, and Luke there are approximately 42 parables. A “parable” is simply defined as “an earthly story with a spiritual meaning.” The beauty of a parable is that it takes truth about God or God’s kingdom and makes it concrete. We may say we should be a good neighbor but the “good Samaritan” helps us see what that truly looks like. We may speak of the need to desire God and seek His will but the parable of the hidden treasure, and the pearl help us bring this abstract truth to life. Likewise, we may talk of what it means to be a good student of God’s Word but the parable of the sower and the soils helps us see it even more clearly.

Introduction 0:00
The Basic Message Of The Parable 9:45
The Three Bad Soils 23:15
The Good Soil 47:15

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