Making Concrete Tree Log Waterfall Fountain at Home!!

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Hello, crafters :) In this tutorial, you will see how to make a cement water fountain at home. It's a fantastic craft idea from cement for your home and garden decoration. It's an amazing DIY idea with cement you can make at home! To make this concrete waterfall fountain I use mainly cement and sand. This handcrafted rainfall fountain can be used as an indoor-outdoor aquarium. For water circulation, I used a submersible water pump. It’s fun to make and you can use it as an awesome decoration.

???? - Pump:
▪ Submersible Water Pump ????

???? - Sculpting:
▪ Sculpting Tools Kit ????
▪ Stainless Steel Palette Knife ????
▪ Foam Cutter and Sculpting Tool ????

???? - Paint:
▪ Acrylic Paint Set ????
▪ Paint Brushes Set ????
▪ Paint Tray Palettes ????

???? - Lights & Display Stand:
▪ Submersible LED Lights ????
▪ Motorized Rotating Display Stand ????

???? - Epoxy Resin ????

???? - Other Tools needed by any crafter:
▪ Dremel Rotary Tool Kit ????
▪ Cordless Hot Glue Gun ????
▪ Precision Knife Tools ????
▪ Gridded Cutting Board ????

The ratio of a concrete mixture :
2.5 cups Ordinary Portland Cement
+ 1 cup Sand
+ Water

*** Supplies :
Corrugated Plastic Panel: 1mx2m
Fine mesh 2mm: 1mx2m
Sand: 10kg
Ordinary Cement: 20kg

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