May Gardening Tips/Tasks for PNW Zone 8b

Yay, welcome to May!! May is such an exciting month for gardening and for beauty. I love the way everything greens up and looks so beautiful in May in the Pacific Northwest. All of my trees have put on their leaves and my transplants are really starting to size up. I love the warm glow of the sun in the evenings (this is when I try to do my weeding to really appreciate the beauty of nature). The cold and rainy spring creates much anticipation of warmer weather.

May is really exciting because there is not much that you cannot start this month. We start to get into listing things that it is too late for (don't worry, the list is small). Mother's Day is also significant because it is, generally, a signal to all gardeners that warmer weather transplants can go out. I would still wait a little longer for peppers and eggplants. On that note, it is really important to make sure that transplants are properly hardened off.

I also talk about taking time now to think about a watering schedule. Watering plants is easy to get away from you in the busy times that summer brings (BBQs) but watering is very important- especially if you are container gardening.

Don't forget to experiment a little in your garden and have fun! Thank you for watching and happy gardening.
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