Michigan Paver Patio Design with Firepit, U-Cara Retaining Wall, Landscaping and Veneer Stone

What’s up YouTube? Thanks for stopping by to watch our probably favorite video yet. This was a very fun project to build and it has so many features that we’re going to talk about in depth. In this video, Max, Josh, and Jason explain all of the unique details that make this project so special. You are going to see the two-tier paver patio, retaining walls, steps, landscape lighting, landscaping plants, and custom veneer.

0:00 Introduction
0:15 Project Overview
1:02 U-Cara Retaining Wall
3:52 How to Maximize Large Backyards
5:36 Josh and Jason Share Behind the Scenes Information
7:27 Unilock Beacon Hill Smooth Walkway
8:15 Veneer Front of House
9:25 Landscaping
10:50 2D/3D Designs
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