Old School Essentials SOLO

Can Pepper the halfling save his mushroom house by restoring order to the natural world? or will the Dream Peaks be lost forever?
intro (0:00): our story (2:28); how I created the story (34:20); final thoughts (1:00:07) #solorpg #geekgamers

Used in this vid:
Dark of Hot Springs Island: swordfishislands.com
GM’s Miscellany/Wilderness: drivethrurpg.com
Knave: drivethrurpg.com // edition I used: lfosr.com
Maze Rats: drivethrurpg.com
Old School Essentials: necroticgnome.com
Packet of Particular Peaks: lfosr.com
Rackham Vale crwbr.com
Wayfarer’s Deck: doubleproficiency.com
Vegetable garden
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