Our Off Grid Life: Living in a Huge 60-year-old Food Forest

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Join us on a special day, living in an off grid 60 year-old food forest. This summer day we spend by the creek, climbing trees, planting so many trees and cooking a dhal from fresh mangoes!

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Julia's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/juliavanderbyl/

We are sisters, Julia and Anastasia — caring for a regenerative farm on Bundjalung Country on the East Coast of Australia. We have a dream to build a self sustainable future and regenerate the land for generations to come. Join us as we learn to build, farm, garden, and care for the animals and land.

We live and farm on the land of the Arakwal and Minjungbal people of the Bundjalung Nation and these practices of regenerative living, agriculture and permaculture owe their roots and theories to Indigenous knowledge — they have been practiced by Indigenous People around the world for so many years. We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the Country we live on, and recognise their continuing connection to the land and waters. We thank them for protecting this rainforest and its ecosystems since time immemorial.

Music by Indira Elias:
"Soon Enough", "Urania", "Far Too Young", and "Lend Me"

0:00 Hot summer days off grid
2:51 Planting a permaculture orchard, start to finish!
6:01 Swimming in the heat of the day
11:26 Planting more fruit trees, picking mangoes and cooking a green mango dhal
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