Planting my Fall Garden | What seeds to sow in August

I'm so happy to have you here, on Kitchen Garden Therapy channel, where I share my experience with growing my food from seed and practicing permaculture principles. My name is Slava, I live in Chicago, I am an herbalist and a cook, love fermenting and canning what I grow. My garden is a very small urban backyard, zone 5b, I am growing in ground, raised beds, cold frame and a little greenhouse. Sometimes gardening is viewed as hard and stressful, my purpose on this channel is to show how therapeutic and rewarding it can be. And how great it is to be at one with nature. I find it to be specifically important in urban areas where people are so alienated from nature. No matter where you live and how much space you have, you can start small and grow together with your garden, eat what you grow and grow what you eat. Hope you find my ideas and experience useful in your gardening journey.
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Planting my Fall Garden | What seeds to sow in August
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