Step-Siblings Burned Down Grandma's Garden To Frame Me Bc I Reported Their Stealing

Story :-
Op is a 30-year-old Black man who was orphaned at 13 after his parents died from chemical poisoning. One of the neighborhood grandmothers who took in all children without homes took him in and looked after him. But the three oldest kids Josiah, Heron, and Tyrone who were 18,17, and 15 were very bossy to op. One day op caught them stealing money from his grandma to buy alcohol and cigarettes and reported them. They promised to make him pay and they did later by framing him for burning his grandmother’s garden. Op ran away to avoid facing her disappointment and ended up on the streets. He was soon put into foster care and went back to school. Years later he is a successful businessman married to a wonderful woman. He tracks down his grandma and finds out that she is sick and the three boys are stealing her money. Op sues them and throws them out. His grandma sells her house and moves in with op and his wife.

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STORY 2 "throwRAsettles"
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