Success And Failure In My Yard & Garden - 2022 Update

It's been nearly two years since we moved in to our new house on a 1/2 acre property in southeastern Washington state... and things in my yard and garden are really looking good!

In this video, I take you on a tour of the yard and show you some of my gardening successes and failures from the last year.

I made a similar video about a year ago, and much has changed since then! Some of my trees got badly burned in an unusual heat wave last summer, and I decided to pull them out and try some different types of trees instead. But most of my garden survived that bad heat wave, and has gone on to do well.

A few notable success stories are:

The Amur Maple trees, which were about a foot tall a year ago, and some of them are now 8-10 feet tall.

The strawberry plants in my raised bed garden, which are now bearing a tremendous amount of fruit each day. I'm enjoying fresh picked strawberries every day, and enjoy putting them on top of vanilla ice cream!

The berry bushes, which have grown tremendously in the last year and now are flowering. I suspect that by this fall, we'll have lots of berries!

A ring of creeping red sedum along the border of my front lawn. I bought these fairly inexpensively from www.eburgess.com and they were tiny when I first planted them... but they have grown tremendously and really look great from the street now.

Red maple trees which I also bought from www.eburgess.com about a year ago. They were only about two feet tall when they arrived... looking basically like a stick with roots. They have become beautiful young trees in the last year, and a couple of them are 7-8 feet tall now!

I'll probably do a similar video in early summer each year for the next several years, so you can watch everything grow. My goal is for the trees that line the property to get so big that eventually I won't see any of the neighboring houses when I sit out on my back patio.
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