Super Easy DIY fountain in just 6 minutes | Terracotta Birds Bath fountain 2022

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In this DIY video tutorial you will learn how to make super Easy 3 layer DIY fountain at home using terracotta saucers or clay saucers. You can place this fountain indoor or outdoor any where you want. This DIY fountain can be a part of your home garden and trust me it will look simply amazing. This DIY Fountain attracts the birds as well, so you can use it as a birds bath in your garden and lawns.
*Make sure to soak the clay saucers in water for 20-25 minutes. This will make drilling easier.
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Fountain Ideas !
https://youtu.be/E5p46gQ_5OY - IDEA WITH TERRACOTTA
https://youtu.be/wHxeLfLyMTg - IDEA WITH CEMENT
https://youtu.be/pQsIuBdXHK4 - IDEA WITH CLAY SAUCER
https://youtu.be/E6zRE9L57Jk - IDEA WITH SOLAR PANEL

Waterfall Ideas !
https://youtu.be/EUnihMhxZoM - GARDEN WATERFALL IDEA
https://youtu.be/Wd9Wz1RgdZA - 3 TIER GARDEN WATERFALL

Other Creative Ideas
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https://youtu.be/Dks3z7SObSk - ICE CREAM STICK IDEA

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