The Owner of this Property was Overwhelmed | Complete Garden Makeover | Part 2

The task for today is this full overgrown yard cleanup. It's a big one, quite out of control and a bit tricky due to the bank and where the greenery is located. The homeowner has some back problems and can no longer do large cleanups like this, so we came in to lend a hand and get it all under control. This allows for easier maintenance moving forward. We spend around 8 hours on this one and took out around 9 cubic meters of green waste (2 trailers). This is part 2 of 2.

See Part 1 here: https://youtu.be/DE1vHrclx88

Workers on this job: George (long pants) & Reece (Shorts).

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Q: Where are you located?
A: We are from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia ????????????.

Q: Do you worry about snakes?
A: I have never even seen a snake in over 4 years on the job.

Q: Which equipment do you use?
A: We use mostly STIHL power equipment (battery and petrol) and commercial Honda self-propelled mowers.

Q: How much do the jobs cost?
A: Sorry, I prefer not to talk about costs!

Q: What happened to Nick?
A: Nick was offered a full-time position at his other job as a Political admin!

Q: What happened to Brent?
A: Brent quit at the start of August 2022.

Q: Why don't you use tarps instead of cans?
A: Tarps are too difficult to move through small spaces and lift into the trailer. The same for wheelbarrows, they are only good for unloading the trailer!

Q: Why are the hot water cylinders outside?
A: I'm not really sure to be honest, maybe something to do with space & maintenance, but either way, it really is poor heat efficiency!

Q: Why are you cutting so close to your employee!
A: I'm not cutting too close to my workers, they are standing too close to where I am working! All of my workers have been told numerous times about standing too close to the tools and about the hazards involved!

Q: Why do your workers do all the lifting and carrying?
A: Basically, they are employed to carry things and I pay them well, to do the job required.

Q: You work so well together, how do you do it?
A: That's the magic of editing. My workers are basically given instructions on what to do, I just edit it all out, so the videos look seamless!

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