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"urban balcony FALL VEGETABLE GARDEN | small space gardening | Shiso Genovese"

????Come on into my urban balcony fall vegetable garden where I grow cold hardy vegetables like Carrots, Lettuce, Bok choy, Celery, Arugula, Mizuna, Spinach, Brussel sprout and so much more! Especially in fall/winter, small space gardening in urban cities can be a challenge, but to have even a little bit of fresh vegetable harvest is rewarding.

????????‍????In this calm silent vlog, I share how I started fall balcony garden and what I planted for fall/winter vegetable gardening. I also share Pesto Genovese with a twist using freshly harvested Shiso perilla leaves.

Kale: Red Russian
Komatsuna: Hayadori Komatsuna
Brussel Sprout: Long Island Improved
Hakusai Cabbage: NA
Cabbage: Premium Flet Dutch
Celery: Utah Tall
Daikon Radish: NA
Carrots: Red Cored Chantenay
Bokchoy: Purple Lady, Shanghai Green
Spinach: Bloomsdale Long Standing
Arugula: NA
Mizuna: Sensuji Kyo Mizuna
Radish: White Icicle, Champion
Snow Peas: Oregon Giant
Mustard: Japanese Giant Red, Miike Takana
Lettuce: Butter crunch, Little gem
Strawberry: Honeoye

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1. Whiffing by Borrtex
2. It's not over yet by John Coggins
3. I love you by Campagna


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