Watch This if You Want To Start Urban Gardening #shorts @The Urban Harvest - Homegrown Education


"Here’s an important reminder if you’re hesitating to grow your own food:
In this video, Elise Pickett, the founder of The Urban Harvest, which seeks to teach people the basics of home vegetable gardening, points out two of the biggest misconceptions stopping people from joining in the urban gardening movement and shares her thoughts about them.

According to Elise, anyone interested in urban gardening can DO so, even if they don’t have much space to grow their vegetables. ????

She points out that even having just one vegetable growing by your apartment windowsill is a feat in itself! ????

Do you agree that urban gardening doesn’t need much space?
Leave a ‘????’ in the comments if you agree.

To learn more about urban gardening, listen to the full episode here:
Vegetable garden
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