We Grew a YEAR'S WORTH of Food on Land That Isn't Our's! → Check it out!

We Grew a YEAR'S WORTH of Food on Land That Isn't Our's! → Check it out!
Game Changer! | Harvesting Winter Squash in Our Community Allotment Garden

This season we have the benefit of an additional 800+ square feet of growing space from our community garden plot. This allotment garden is a real game changer for us as it gives us an opportunity to greatly expand the amount of space we have for growing larger vegetables that might take up too much space in our home yardens.

We have already harvested several hundred ears of corn, and we still need to harvest our sweet potatoes from this garden, but today we are focused on the many varieties of winter squash and even some fall planted summer squash that we have ready to come out of the ground.

This harvest includes some of our favorite varieties, including: Canada crookneck squash, butternut squash, delicata squash, and more.

In this video, in addition to a fall garden harvest 2022, we focus in on lessons we have learned from allotment gardening this year, and believe me, there are many things to learn when you are trying to grow your own food in a place other than your familiar home gardens.

Thank you so much for watching this garden harvest video 2022!

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