Why Haven't We Seen the New Brick Walkway? // Strawberry Review? // Recap ????

Picking Nectarines & Trimming Boxwoods! - https://bit.ly/3LBZ8Ox
Digging Up and Moving Plants, Fertilizing the Lawn & Boxwood Trimming! - https://bit.ly/3xQtlnj
Harvesting Raspberries & Other Fruit + Tabletop Fountain in the Hartley! - https://bit.ly/3dC0sEr
New Tree Load, Transplanting a Ton of Plants & Picking a Volunteer Watermelon! - https://bit.ly/3DLDd5C
Huge Food Harvest + Planting 9 of the New Maples! - https://bit.ly/3UzEkeF
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